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24th Sub Junior Under 16 Tennis Ball Cricket Tournamanet New

26th Under 19 Tennis Ball Cricket Tournamanet

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25th sub Junior National Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament (U19)

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Tennis Ball International (Indo-Srilanka) Cricket Championship At Colombo Goa 2017

Tennis Ball Championship At Panjim Goa 2017

27th Senior Nationals for Boys and Girls 2016

24th Junior Nationals Under 19 for Boys and Girls 2016

T.B.C.F.I ofice Bearers for 2016-2020

Office Bearers and Members List of TBCFI Election For 2016-2020 held At Lucknow (U.P.)

Electoral List of TBCFI Election For 2016-2020 At Lucknow (U.P.) On 7th August 2016

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21 National Championship Under 16

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Annual Report 2015-2016 

Rgding. Renewal certificate of T.B.C.F.I.

Rgding. 26th Senior National Championship 2015

20th Sub Junior National Under 16 (2015)

23rd Junior National Under 19 (2015)

Seminar of A.T.B.C.F / Championship 2015-16

General Body Meeting

Annual Report 2014-2015

Regret Message
We are pleased to introduce you to the Tennis ball cricket game which is alike cricket having its speciality as injury free game. It is played with Lawn Tennis Ball, this game is played with two formats..

1st format is one team with a total 12 players 9 on the ground and 3 as subsitute out the ground . Its outer circle is of only 25-30 meters , in this format ball is hitted as six as per TBCFI rule (rule out). Team can play any where a small ground.

2ndFormat is total team 15 players 11 on the ground & 5 as subsitute six allowed ground 50-60 meters circle.

It is cheaper in Indian conditions where you can start the game only at the cost of Rs. 200/- for bat & Rs.25/- for ball. All the rich & poor people can play Tennis Ball Cricket with the full excitement and pleasure of cricket. It is highly suitable for rurals of india. No need of pad helmet and there is no need of turf wicket.

All cricketer at first start their carrier play with tennis ball. Indian captain M.S. Dhoni, Piyush Chawla & all cricketers first started playing with Tennis Ball Cricket.

The tennis ball cricket is being played for many years in India , Nepal, Bangladesh ,Srilanka, Kenia, Thailand, HongKong, Malaysia and so many places in Asia & world.

The Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India (TBCFI) was framed in 1980. Under the dynamic leaderships of Shri Anis A. Lari, Dr. B.K. Sinha (IPS) & Late N. U. Siddiqui the TBCFI has played a significant ans decisive roles and succeeded in recognizing this game from the union minister, the federation finally recognized by ministry of sports govt. Of India. And organied regularly sub. Junior U-16, Junior U-19, Senior National for men & women & so many tournaments also run .

Our Indian Team all ready visited Nepal, Bangladesh , Thailand, Srilanka, Nepal, teams are taking part in triaungular series in India every year & asian championship also.

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